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Meditation with

Francesca Gandhali

Meditation is the effort to realize and express that pure consciousness which is the reflection, or image, of God within you. 

Paramhansa Yogananda

Welcome to YouAreLightMeditation :)

In my Meditation Classes these are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • In-depth practice of several meditation techniques.

  • Research-proven benefits of meditation.

  • Ways to overcome mental restlessness.

  • How to engage the heart for deeper meditation.

  • The art of walking meditation and being present.

  • How to find the best sitting position for meditation.

  • Techniques of breathwork, yoga postures,  chanting, affirmation, visualization.

  • How to respond to life’s challenges in positive, effective ways.

  • If you would like to schedule a Class please go to my Contact Page.

  • Thank You for visiting my Website.  

  • Joy and Happiness to You. :)